Cinderella 2015

Cinderella_2015_official_posterA new Cinderella screenplay will be seen  on March 2015 where Lily James starred  as Cinderella itself. This old fantasy story surely will be loved by children and even adults with the living casts of the most sweet faces in the movie industry today. We all know the story beyond this Ella with her stepmother, and sisters. Hayley Atwell her mother here is with Helena Bonham Carter as the lead’s fairy Godmother. The Prince Charming will be played by Richard Madden and will surely capture the fan’s eyes and interests with Ella, the lead star.

The movie is intriguing and much awaited. Imagine, Emma Watson did not accept the role Cinderella, it was first offered to her. For unknown reason, her decision resulted Lily James to  start the movie. This is a Disney film,  it  is kind a different cartoon type movie. Adults can even enjoy the film without hesitations  since it is for little kiddos, especially for little girls with princess fantasies.


The old but remarkable children Cinderella story is in movie this year and as the story goes, few lively scenes. The same  story lines were followed. From Ella’s sacrifices when her mother died and her father’s re-marrying the angry step-mother happened. Her two step-sisters as always, were angry and envy everything about her. Well, it started when she welcomes her father’s new family, but unexpectedly did not return any kind of kindness. Worse then, when her father also passed away, cruelty and hopelessness filled her life living with them. But what Ella will do as like as Cinderella’s character, being humble and kind, Ella’s still kind, despite of her two sisters and step-mother’s bad actions towards her. Until she meet the prince of her life. Well, if this scenaros today, I guess it will be very rare and hard to find.

Here’s one of the dialogue in the movie which shows a hard attack of her step-mother’s cruelty. Step mother[Lady Tremaine] said “Wouldn’t you prefer to eat when all the work is done, Ella?” This line shows her bitchy side to Ella. Cinderella said “Yes, stepmother.” [She shows kindness and calming heart despite o her stepmom’s bad words. “You needn’t call me that. Madam will do.” See how harsh her stepmother’s words shows how her bad character made our lead Ella still humble, kind, succeed, sacrifice and live happily ever after. Let’s see what Director Kenneth Branagh did to make it moe interesting in the big screen.